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Prior Learning (RPL), Lifelong Learning, Career Achievements, Knowledge and Skills Assessed. 

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Most people have a wealth of experience ('competencies') that they take for granted or don't even realise. Why not make this work for you? Whether it's more letters to your name, like a world-class International Executive MBA, (IEMBA) or an impressive International Executive DBA (IEDBA, or Phd. This will improve your earning potential and/or status. Dr Brenden and his team will help you achieve it. The 'competencies assessment' method is ideal for successful business people and professionals who want a fast-track pathway to a recognised degree.

Mentoring & Coaching 

With over four decades of experience, Dr Brenden, and his team, can provide high-level mentoring and coaching to aspiring leaders. Develop professionally by energising important life skills in areas like leadership, communication, and negotiation. Dr Brenden can show you the way to achieve successful results.

Let Dr Brenden and his team help you achieve your personal, professional and business goals. Contact: success@drbrenden.co.uk