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Dr Brenden and his team of expert associates work with Young Achievers to prepare them for entry into top private schools, and UK universities (www.degreepathways.co.uk). We provide course counselling and training with good results  that will bring the best out of Young Achievers. With connections at a wide range of UK universities, as well as international college and universities, Dr Brenden has the advantage to meet your specific needs.

JCB 高端教育研究中心, 由 三位资深教育家 , Dr Brenden. Dr Charles 和Dr Julian , 創辦 。 為高端客户子女訂制有效長逺学習計劃, 旨在培养学員全能教育 , Holistic Education . 發掘学员創意僭能! 我们用多元化培训方案, 旨在引领学员走进英国名大学。
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We Cover

Entering UK universities

This can be arranged through Warnborough College University Access Pathway in conjunction with the Awards for Training and Higher Education (ATHE). This can be achieved through ONLINE study. Or ONSITE study in Canterbury (UK) for those needing English and university foundation skills .

It is affordable, no overseas student fees, no examinations, and flexible options to meet your needs. Advanced Placement is given for Recognized Prior Learning (RPL) and 'competencies'. Transfer students are welcomed. Begin at any time.

The ATHE qualification portfolio includes awards, certificates and diplomas from level 3 to 7. ATHE also has partnerships with many UK and international universities providing opportunities to progress to Bachelors and Masters degree 'top-up'. University partners include: Anglia Ruskin University, Southampton Solent University, University of Sunderland London campus, Northampton University, Coventry University, Cardiff Metropolitan University, University of Bolton, University of Bedfordshire, Prince Edward Island University, etc. 



Excel in Admissions Interviews

Public Speaking Skills

Building a Motivated Mindset

Confidence Building

Aiding in Examination Success

Intensive Preparation


Cultivating Prosperity 

We specialise in mentoring young students who seek to study at top private schools and universities. Our wide experience and network will enable Young Achiever to meet their future academic and career goals while bringing out confidence and other essential characteristics for a successful career and lifestyle. Holistically, we provide coaching to the parents of the Young Achievers, as well, so that they are able to support their Young Achievers in the best ways possible.

The Chance to Study AbRoad 

Young Achievers are invited to visit Canterbury with their parent(s) or guardian(s) to see first-hand the benefits and opportunities of studying in the UK. We will facilitate visits to top UK schools. Students who are completing 'A' level or equivalent high school examinations will receive special training for university entry and help with admissions paperwork. Mock entrance interviews and foundation subjects can be useful to acclimatise students to studying in the UK. 

Good English language skills are essential for entry to and success at top UK universities. Young Achievers can be tutored to become very proficient in English (with high scores in IELTS/TOEFL examinations). Where required, Dr Brenden Education Services can offer guardianship services. 



ExclUSive Consultancy

Dr Brenden Education Solutions will assess each child at the start of the process and where necessary, advise on suitable learning pathways or options. All children are different, and need encouragement and motivation to succeed. Some children may have learning difficulties. All opportunities for optimum performance will be explored, so that by thinking outside the box, difficult challenges will be met for a successful outcome.  We excel in discovering potential and developing it for each Young Achiever.


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