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ARCHIVES: Early Worthies Associated with Warnborough College

The reputation of Warnborough flourished from the very start. The Founding Honorary Sponsors and Advisory Council of Warnborough House/College in 1973-1975 were: Jack L. Armstrong, President, Bradford College (Mass.); Myron B. Bloy, Executive Director, Church Society for College Work (Mass.); Howard R. Bowen, Chancellor, Claremont University Center (Ca.); Charles E. Brown, Director, Leadership & Learning Cooperative Educational Development Centre (Mass.); Paul M. Van Buren, Professor of Religion, Temple University (Pa.); John T. Caldwell, Chancellor, North Carolina State University; Michael Chantry, Chaplain, Hertford College, University of Oxford (UK); R.P. Cuzzort, Director, Sociology & Integrated Studies, University of Colorado); Reuel L. Howe, Director, Institute for Advanced Pastoral Studies (Michigan); Thomas P. Imse, President, Association for the Sociology of Religion ( (Mass.); Howard A. Johnson, Theologian, Soren Kierkegaard Institute, Copenhagen); Alan A. Kuusisto, President, Hobart & William Smith Colleges (New York); Charles R. Longsworh, President, Hampshire College (Mass.); John C. McGeachie, State Secretary, Australian British Trade Association (NSW); Kilmer Myers, Episcopal Bishop, Diocese of California; C. J. Nuesse, Provost, Catholic University of America (Washington, D.C.); Terry Sandford, President, Duke University (Nth. Carolina); Alexander D. Stewart, Episcopal Bishop, Diocese of Western Massachusetts); Howard Taylor, Founding Member, United Nations University (New York); Gray Temple, Episcopal Bishop, Diocese of South Carolina); and Cynthia C. Wedel, Past President, National Council of Churches of America. We salute them for their support and encouragement during those early founding days of Warnborough College. (Archives).

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