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Warnborough: Top Online Graduate Degree Programmes


Most online degree programmes offer graduate degrees through group study with online workshops held around the world at all times of the day and night.  This can be a great inconvenience to graduate students who have hectic schedules, and most often are working. The Warnborough graduate programme stands out.  Warnborough College (Ireland) is part of the Warnborough University Alliance (WUA) a forum for educators. Warnborough has a well established reputation for academic quality,  top faculty, and a global network of educators, colleges and universities – all dedicated to learning, student exchanges, study abroad, and career enhancement.  

Warnborough College stands out for several reasons – each researcher studies with his/her own mentor, or as they say at Oxford ‘tutor’, and of course Warnborough’s roots and reputation are buried deep in the Oxford academic tradition of ‘tutorial based learning’ since 1973. Using this method, researchers are not numbers but study with their personal mentor and thus can co-ordinate convenient times to discuss research, issues and any concerns. Also, each research has a ‘peer buddy’ for support. This is a Warnborough alumni graduate who volunteers independent support when needed. 

Also, Warnborough has a global network of notable faculty that it can draw upon for all areas of research.  Mentors are not binded to set faculties, so students have a wide choice and can even nominate their own mentor.  This is unique, and researchers may find their mentor is associated with universities such as Oxford, London, Harvard, George Washington University, Central Queensland, Newcastle, Bologna, to name a few.  Clearly, academic quality and reputation at Warnborough knows no bounds. It has the solid reputation of academic quality behind it. Researchers have had their dissertations published widely, and the most recent by Cambridge University Press.  

Because of the one-to-one research method, enrolment (Matriculation) can begin the 1st of any month enabling students to begin their research immediately.  And all students are eligible for financial aid, scholarships, and designing their own payment plans. Warnborough does not believe that a student should graduate with huge debts. That is why Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) and Advanced Placement (AP) is given based on 'competencies assessment'. This reduced tuition fees.

Warnborough qualifications are recognised by universities, the professions, commerce and industry. Its alumni are global and committed to the vision of ‘crossing boundaries and widening horizons’, hence its international appeal.  Its history is littered with ‘thinkers and doers’ and it can boast about the achievements of its graduates. Yes, there are huge and impressive campuses around the world, but Warnborough follows the traditional ‘Oxbridge’ concept where a university is a collection of small colleges where students and tutors came together to discuss ‘great things’. Warnborough students do come together through online learning, and through face-to-face workshops held in the UK and abroad. 

As for being a top institution Warnborough has an air of exclusivity and a standard of quality that doesn’t slip.  Warnborough is built on its Oxford heritage, and for many graduates it is sprinting ahead of the herd: www.warnborough.edu   www.warnborough.ie


Most online degree programmes offer graduate degrees through group study with online workshops held around the world at all times of the day