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It's A Jungle Out There....

Or as my teacher at school said: "Life's a rat race"!  Sadly, school graduates think that everything will be rosy, and that they will fall into a job that will give them satisfaction, a good wage and lifestyle. This is not the reality. There are 1.8 billion young people in the world today and two-thirds have no jobs, no skills and no future.  Is it no wonder that crime is high among the unemployed, and that terrorist organisations have an appeal to the radical and disenchanted?


Dr Brenden and his team can help school leavers, young people as well as mature adults to re-think their situation, and open opportunities for them to learn, to be trained or re-trained, and to point them in the right direction for employment.  Life-skills and work-skills are essential to succeed. Dr Brenden focuses on the ‘whole person’ so that they can survive in life’s jungle and rat race.  Every situation and need is different. Everyone has a ‘sob story’ and ‘baggage’ to contend with. That is a reality. Through our dedicated team we can advise, direct and get you on the right rung of the ladder to succeed and prosper. But all success comes at a price where hard work, focus and determination must be acknowledged and valued.

For the young person, guidance (and wisdom) is given, and opportunities presented for vocational and technical training. The mature adult may seek employment or a new career, and here each person is assessed and directed to feasible options. Competency-based education(CBE), and any skills/prior learning (RPL) is taken into consideration in personal advising and counselling.  Workshops and online learning are encouraged as part of training.   

 Quality training at all levels, career needs and employment options can be provided.  If there is a willingness to learn and succeed, then knock and the door will be opened for you.

Brenden Tempest-Mogg