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Competency-Based Degree Pathway for Adult Learners


Are you a successful business person, professional, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, or mature learner and wish to acquire a recognised prestigious academic qualification in recognition of your prior learning (RPL) and career achievements? Then Dr Brenden Education Solutions (DBES) will prepare you for portfolio competencies assessment in order to obtain the award you deserve. Depending on your academic background, prior learning and career achievements this may vary from a diploma, to an undergraduate or graduate degree.

Every candidate is assessed individually to ensure that he/she meets the rigorous standards required for the appropriate qualification. Dr Brenden is an authority on prior learning assessment (PLA) and portfolio competencies assessment (PCA) and follows procedures prescribed by vocational and professional bodies, governments, training centres, colleges and universities. Commerce, trade and industry also recognise learning outcomes, corporate learning, and competency-based assessments.

Degrees for competencies are attainable without having to go back to college or university. This fast-track method is a bonus for those deemed worthy of degree recognition based on their portfolio and skills competencies. It is not necessary to have English Language Skills since portfolio competencies are translated into English, and any spoken assessments are undertaken through interpreters.

Following the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) 8 levels indicating learning outcomes, Dr Brenden Education Solutions (DBES) will assess your academic background, skills and knowledge against criteria that is outcome-based (evidence of ability) and process-based (evidence of learning). Furthermore, Dr Brenden Education Solutions (DBES) will issue an ‘outcome report' worthy of formal degree recognition, so that the academic and career status of the learner is acknowledged and formalised. In some cases, extra study by projects, modules or research may be necessary, and Dr Brenden Education Solutions (DBES) will guide the learner throughout the whole process: www.drbrenden.co.uk