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The Big Picture is seeing your past and present achievements useful for a specific future need or goal. Losers fail to see the gold at their feet or the possibilities open to them. Winners make decisions and grab opportunities with both hands. Everyone is competent in some area of expertise. Some are competent in many fields, and many are high achievers in special spheres. This may be in business, commerce, industry, the professions or creative arts. Everyone is different with distinctive backgrounds, varied achievements and mixed needs. 

Dr Brenden Education Solutions (DBES) assessment team is compliant with European Qualification Standards, and using the European Qualification Framework (EQF) 8 levels will assess your academic background, skills and knowledge against criteria that is outcome-based (evidence of ability) and process-based (evidence of learning).

After formal evaluation of your 'Competencies Portfolio' you will be shown the Big Picture as to the opportunities available to you and the pathway ahead. You may already be eligible for a Master's Degree or for a PhD. Of course, in some cases you may need extra study by projects or'top-up' credits which may be acquired through online options.

If you wish to learn more, and see where you fit into the Big Picture please send your CV/Resume with a statement of your goals and aspirations to: success@drbrenden.co.uk  Dr Brenden Education Solutions (DBES) will give you a free overview of possibilities to meet your needs.