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Students have the option to take courses, receive mentoring, or research through Dr Brenden Education Solutions (DBES) online, on mobile or onsite. Even ‘blended’ options are available to meet individual needs. Flexibility is the key to easy learning from anywhere in the world.  Fast-track learning exceeds the traditional classroom format and rigid scheduling. Today, students, and especially mature adults have to cope with a hectic lifestyle. A business person has to balance his/her time according to work, family and social life. Any study has to fit in to free-time, and this is where online, on mobile and onsite options provide flexibility.

Distance Learning and online alternatives are provided by Dr Brenden EducationSolutions (DBES) – ideal where the focus is to obtain a competency-based degree. Recognised prior learning (RPL) can count towards a degree. In fact, many students do not realise that recognised prior learning (RPL) plus competency based learning can fast-track them towards their goal. They save time and money.  It is surprising how many mature adults are unaware of the options available to them. Dr Brenden Education Solutions (DBES) can advise students about the various alternatives and pathways, and Dr Brenden and his team will be pleased to provide a free consultation based on a full CV/Resume submitted below.

Whether you are online or on mobile, or wish to study onsite attending seminars or workshops held in Canterbury, London, Oxford or overseas, your choices are varied, affordable and stimulating. Dr Brenden will be pleased to advise you on options that will meet your needs.