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Dr Brenden Education Solutions (DBES) can help aspiring leaders and managers jump to the next level. We offer various coaching and mentoring packages to help the up-and-coming individual maximise their potential, enhance their decision-making skills, and become better leaders. Through mentoring and coaching, we provide a sounding board for you to verbalise your thoughts, fears, and aspirations, while getting feedback, thought-provoking questions and encouragement. 

In line with this, we can organise personal and professional development opportunities in the UK and abroad. These can give you the chance to upskill, network and expand your worldview, while improving working efficiency with immense results. With a wide range of existing clients across the globe, we can work flexibly for you and your specific needs. We are happy to work with your company and/or your managers to create a mentoring/coaching programme in line with set key performance indicators (KPIs).


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Personal mentoring and coaching

Dr Brenden is dedicated to providing a personal Mentoring & Coaching service for you. We will listen to you (and your company) to understand your needs and requirements, and create a unique programme just for you.

The whole idea behind this is about helping YOU to be the best that you can be. Therefore, you remain the driving force behind the whole programme.

ExclusiveLY YOURS

Everyone can avail of our Mentoring & Coaching services. You can be a Young Achiever, or a high-flying executive, or a Successful Individual who wants to have a change in direction. Dr Brenden Education Solutions (DBES) can mentor clients at any stage in life, whether you are preparing for GCSEs or getting a PhD.

What we excel in is giving you a highly-personalised service. Having a team of associates means that we have a whole bank of knowledge and experience that can meet all your needs to achieve your goals. Take a look at our testimonials to get an idea of what we have done. 


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