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Before you continue your Lifelong learning, the team at Dr Brenden are here to answer any questions you might have about our online degree courses. Contact us



Yes, click here to learn more about our Accreditation.

Are competency-based credentials and degrees recognized?

Yes. More and more institutions are offering competency-based programs to meet the needs of mature students. According to a recent article in Higher Education (10/9/2015) roughly 600 colleges in the USA are in the design phase of competency-based learning. The Competency-Based Education Network or C-BEN is playing a prominant role in this effort as well as organisations such as the International Vocational and Training Association (IVETA) www.iveta.org Dr Brenden is IVETA Vice-President for Europe. Please have a look at the photos on www.drbrenden.co.uk and Testimonials to see the quality of graduates, and go to www.youtube.com and type in' Warnborough College' to glean more about Warnborough, its graduates, students, mentors and alumni. Also, DBES FaceBook: Brenden Tempest-Mogg. 2019 celebrates 46 years of Warnborough achievement and wide recognition, and it still enables students to 'Cross Boundaries and Widen Horizons'. Be part of the Warnborough vision.

Is my CV / Resume and other personal data kept safe?

Yes, we fully comply with the Data Protection Act (1998) and will NEVER share your data with third parties.

How much time am I allowed to prepare my Portfolio?

This is up to you as you are under no pressure or time frame. Most candidates complete their 'Competencies Portfolio' within a couple of weeks. It is a matter of gathering all the evidence and documents. This includes all evidence relating to Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) adn Lifelong Learning. You will receive guidance during this process. NOTE: you do not have to know English as documents may be translated into English.

Once I submit my portfolio how long will it take to receive my assessment?

This takes about 3-4 weeks for the Dr Brenden Education Solutions (DBES) assessors to evaluate your portfolio. Any areas that may need clarification will be acknowledged and advice given to meet specific degree requirements. Approved and certified assessors, familiar with Competency-Based Education (CBE), Recognised Prior Learning (RPL), and Lifelong Learning will assess your portfolio. The global network of assessors are highy experienced and are carefully selected by Dr Brenden Education Solutions (DBES).

Who are the Senior Competencies Assessors?

See more about our team on the About page. All are compliant with European Qualification Standards (EQF)

What happens if I am not up to the level required to obtain the degree that I am seeking?

You will be advised what is required to reach this level, and you may need to take some extra study/research/project (s)/test and you will receive mentoring to reach the required level. You may be required to submit more documents, or more proof of competencies. Don’t worry, the Dr Brenden Education Solutions (DBES) team will encourage you and support your effort.

What happens when I reach the right level for my desired degree?

You will receive an official certificate from Dr Brenden Education Solutions (DBES) attesting to you level on the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). There are 8 levels, and Level 7 equates to the Master's level, and Level 8 equates to the Doctorate. This certificate is the formal document for degree recognition at the appropriate level.

What happens next?

You may then apply for the degree that we will be issued to you in absentia OR you may wish to attend an official awards ceremony OR attend a special mini-presentation at a prestigious venue in Canterbury (Canterbury Cathedral) or London (Royal Society of Arts and Commerce), the Law Society, the Institute of Directors, the Royal Overseas League. Other venues are held overseas throughout the year. The choice is yours!

How soon can I apply for Stage One?

Any time, just submit an ‘expression of interest’ email and Dr Brenden Education Solutions (DBES) will advise and guide you through the whole process. Dr Brenden and his team will even provide you will a FREE assessment if you send in your CV/Resume. This will give you an idea as to the level you are at, and what is required to further your degree status.

What are the benefits of a Competency-based degree?

Apply at any time; fast-track to achieve your degree in a few months rather than waiting years covering knowledge you are already familiar with; and save money. What Dr Brenden Education Solutions (DBES) is offering you is a formal evaluation of your competencies based on the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) 8 levels. He is a respected authourity on Portfolio Competencies Assessment which covers Recognised Prior Learning (RPL), Career Achievement, and Lifelong Learning and Skills.

If you are or want to be successful in your area of expertise/career, motivated and serious to enhance and formalise your competencies, then you are ready for Dr Brenden and his team to guide you through the process - success is within your reach. All your Recognised  Prior Learning (RPL) is taken into consideration. There is no fee to receive guidance based on your initial CV/Resume and Dr Brenden will be pleased to answer your questions.

Am I eligible for a Competency-based degree?

After stage 1, who awards the qualification?



You may use your official Competency-Based Certificate which confirms your level on the European Qualifications Framework (EQF) 8 levels for career enhancement, OR for degree status through the Warnborough University Alliance (WUA) of institutions. This is a forum for educators and international colleges and universities. Warnborough College (Ireland) www.warnborough.ie  Warnborough College is reputable and is highly recommended. It has the weight of academic quality behind it. There OR are many colleges and universities that recognises competency-based learning and outcomes. Also, candidates will have the option for a dual-degree through universities co-operating with Warnborough for competency based education (CBE).


Everyone has achievements and experiences often beyond expectations.  Many adults are festooned with accolades and honours. These can be used for a ‘competency-based degree’ taking into consideration recognised prior learning (RPL) and Lifelong Learning.

Turn your experiences, career achievements and knowledge into an opportunity to elevate your status with a graduate degree. This is more than a pat on the back. It is an opportunity to add to your successes. To be the best, boldest and brightest among your peers. Your journey  will be legendary, titanic and iconic with a Warnborough graduate degree – for example, an International Executive MBA  (IEMBA), an MA, DBA or PhD.  You will be sprinting ahead of the herd through Dr Brenden Education Solutions (DBES),and Warnborough.

Make the most of this fast-track opportunity.  Stamp yourself with a Warnborough degree and widen your horizons. Be a pioneer and cross boundaries.”

 Dr Brenden D. Tempest-Mogg (Member, Oxford Education Society,Department of Education, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK).

Warnborough College, now a global education provider, has significantly enriched Oxford’s history in education” (2010, Amir)

I am a High School graduate seeking a British Degree from a respected UK university?

YES, this can be arranged through Warnborough College University Access Pathway in conjunction with the Awards for Training and Higher Education (ATHE). This can be achieved through ONLINE and/or ONSITE self-paced study . It is affordable, no overseas student fees, no examinations, and flexible options to meet your needs. Advanced Placement is given for Recognized Prior Learning (RPL) and 'competencies'. Transfer students are welcomed. Begin at any time. The ATHE qualification portfolio includes awards, certificates and diplomas from level 3 to 7. ATHE also has partnerships with many UK and international universities providing opportunities to progress to Bachelors and Masters degree 'top-up'. University partners include: Anglia Ruskin University, Southampton Solent University, University of Sunderland London campus, Northampton University, Coventry University, Cardiff Metropolitan University, University of Bolton, University of Bedfordshire, Prince Edward Island University, etc. 

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